About Kalos Gallery

Kalos Gallery was founded in Shilin in 1992, with the dedication to promoting classical modern art by representing masterpieces of several excellent artists. Through well-organized curatorial programs, it aims to convey connotations of humanity and to bring out pioneering interpretations of art history. Regular exhibitions hosted at the gallery highlight works of art from modern to contemporary times, including media as diverse as sculpture, oil painting and ink wash painting.

In order to open up a range of exhibiting possibilities for more varied art forms, Kalos Gallery, in October 20l0, opened another new location in the heart of Taipei’s most luxury neighborhood which is known for its decent ambience of art and humanity. With the double-height of 7 meters, the Dunnan location provides a spacious exhibition space, empowering the gallery to mount ambitious, large-scale shows as well as innovative projects in regard to installation art, video and a wide variety of new media art. Academic or educational events are also arranged to enhance the profundity of these exhibitions. Based upon this, the aesthetic tastes and the historical viewpoints about fine art espoused by Kalos Gallery are manifested.

To conclude, the primary aim of Kalos Gallery is to explore the beauty of art and the essence of aesthetics. With the unremitting spirit of innovation, the gallery not only emphasizes the significance of artistic conventions but also plays a role in the introduction of potential emerging artists. In building up the long-term relationship with collectors and artists, Kalos Gallery continues to update latest news about the local art industry and to trace the international artistic trends of today. It is believed that to discover art in the everyday life is the ultimate ideal that Kalos Gallery attempts to share with its collectors and viewers.



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